Cyprinella zanema

Cyprinella zanema
Santee Chub – Cyprinella zanema – Second Broad River
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeCyprinella zanema(Jordan & Brayton)1878Santee Chub

Cyprinella zanema

Unique Characters: Long conical barbel in corner of mouth. Dorsal fin origin two scales behind pelvic origin. Dark crosshatching on back and sides. Slender, compressed body. Restricted to the Catawba and Broad basins.

Similar Species:

All species of Cyprinella have dark pigment on the last 2-4 interradial membranes of the dorsal fin.

Thicklip Chub
Cyprinella labrosa

Cyprinella labrosa
Thicklip Chub – Cyprinella labrosa

Thicklip Chub Cyprinella labrosa. Darker cross-hatching on back and sides. Small brown blotches on the sides. Compressed thicker body, flattened below. Dorsal fin origin over pelvic origin. Usually pigment in posterior part of dorsal fin.

“Thinlip” Chub
Cyprinella sp.

Cyprinella sp. "Thinlip" Chub
Cyprinella sp. “Thinlip” Chub – Lynches River

“Thinlip” Chub Cyprinella sp. Very similar in appearance to Santee Chub. In North Carolina found only in the Coastal Plain of the Lumber, Cape Fear, and Yadkin basins.