Clinostomus sp. “Hiwassee” Dace

Clinostomus sp. “Hiwassee” Dace
“Hiwassee” Dace – Clinostomus sp. “Hiwassee” Dace
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeClinostomus sp. “Hiwassee” Dace“Hiwassee” Dace

Clinostomus sp. “Hiwassee” Dace

Unique Characters: Large, oblique mouth and blunt snout. Body compressed and covered with small scales. Breeding male’s sides are mostly red which can extend onto the head. Restricted to the Hiwassee basin.

Similar Species:

“Smoky” Dace
Clinostomus sp.

Smoky Dace
‘Smoky Dace’ – Clinostomus sp. – Little Tennessee

“Smoky” Dace Clinostomus sp. Thin gold stripe on side above a wide bright red stripe. Found only in Little Tennessee basin.

Rosyside Dace
Clinostomus funduloides

Clinostomus funduloides
Rosyside Dace – Clinostomus funduloides

Rosyside Dace Clinostomus funduloides. Pointed snout. Is not sympatric with “Hiwassee” Dace.