Erimonax monacha

Spotfin Chub – Eromonax monachus – Cheoah River, NC
Photo Credit: Derek Wheaton
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeErimonax monachus(Cope)1868Spotfin Chub

Erimonax monachus

Unique Characters: Slender, arched body, flattened below. Long snout overhangs mouth. Small barbel at corner of mouth. Black blotch on rear half of dorsal fin. Breeding males with turquoise-colored body with irregular wide white bands and small tubercles on the head and snout. Currently only known from Little Tennessee basin.

Similar Species:

All species of Cyprinella have dark pigment on the last 2-4 interradial membranes of the dorsal fin.

Spotfin Shiner
Cyprinella spiloptera

Whitetail Shiner
Cyprinella galactura

Cyprinella spiloptera
Spotfin Shiner – Cyprinella spiloptera
Cyprinella galactura
Whitetail Shiner – Cyprinella galactura

Spotfin Shiner Cyprinella spiloptera. No small barbel at corner of mouth. Usually 8 anal fin rays. Dorsal and ventral areas located on the base of the caudal fin flecked with pigment; no large clear to creamy white areas. Only in Tennessee River drainage basins and New basins.

Whitetail Shiner Cyprinella galactura. No small barbel at corner of mouth. Two large clear to creamy white areas located at the base of the caudal fin.