Cyprinella pyrrhomelas

Cyprinella pyrrhomelas
Fieryblack shiner – Cyprinella pyrrhomelas
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeCyprinella pyrrhomelas(Cope)1870Fieryblack Shiner

Cyprinella pyrrhomelas

Unique Characters: Black bar behind head and black edge on caudal fin. Breeding male with red snout and white and red bands in caudal fin. Usually 10-11 anal fin rays. Restricted to the Yadkin, Catawba, and Broad basins.

Similar Species:

All species of Cyprinella have dark pigment on the last 2-4 interradial membranes of the dorsal fin.

Other Cyprinella lack the black edge on caudal fin and usually have 8 or 9 anal fin rays.