Elassoma boehlkei

Elassoma boehlkei
Carolina Pygmy Sunfish – Elassoma boehlkei

Elassomatidae – Pygmy Sunfishes

Elassoma boehlkei Rohde and Arndt, 1987. Carolina Pygmy Sunfish.

Range: The endemic Carolina Pygmy Sunfish is found only in North and South Carolina (Jones and Ewing 2019; Quattro et al. 2001; Rohde et al. 2009; Sandel and Harris 2007) where it is restricted in North Carolina to the Waccamaw basin in Brunswick and Columbus counties (Map 247).

Remarks: The Carolina Pygmy Sunfish was described by Fred C. Rohde and Rudolf G. Arndt in 1987 based upon 26 specimens collected by Rohde on March 13, 1983 from Juniper Creek at Secondary Road 1340, 1.6 kilometers east of Makatoka and 17.8 kilometers northwest of Supply, Brunswick County (34.12304⁰W, -78.39435⁰N) (Rohde and Arndt 1987). The holotype is at ANSP (ANSP 158481). The species continued to occupy its type locality when surveyed in March 2009 (Tracy, unpublished data).

Status: State Threatened.

Elassoma boehlkei
Map 247. Distribution of Carolina Pygmy Sunfish, Elassoma boehlkei. Yellow star indicates the type locality.