Etheostoma jessiae

Etheostoma jessiae
Blueside Darter – Etheostoma jessiae – North Chickamauga Creek TN
Photo Credit: Dave Neely

Etheostoma jessiae

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
PercidaeEtheostoma jessiae(Jordan and Brayton)1878Blueside Darter

Unique Characteristics:  Belly and interpelvic area lacking modified scales. Lateral line normal, not arched upward. 1st anal spine stiff, as thick as 2nd spine. Sides with no horizontal streaks along each scale row. Gill membranes narrowly joined, 65°. Snout pointed, does not protrude beyond upper lip. Frenum well developed. Males with deep blue bars on body and fins. Restricted to the French Broad basin (Henderson County) where it is currently extirpated.

Similar Species: None