Hybognathus regius

Hybognathus regius
Eastern Silvery Minnow – Hybognathus regius
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeHybognathus regiusGirard1856Eastern Silvery Minnow

Hybognathus regius

Unique Characters: Very long, whorled intestine and black peritoneum. Small, slightly subterminal mouth that is crescent shaped. Prominent lachrymal groove. Sides peppered with many small black specks. Silvery scales easily flake off.

Eastern Silvery Minnow
Eastern Silvery Minnow – lachrymal groove

Similar Species:

Often confused with members of the genus Notropis, the long intestine and black peritoneum should separate it from all except the exceedingly rare Cape Fear Shiner Notropis mekistocholas, which also has a long intestine and black peritoneum.

Notropis mekitocholas
Cape Fear Shiner – Notropis mekistocholas – Male