Hybopsis amblops

Hybopsis amblops
Bigeye Chub – Hybopsis amblops – Nolichucky
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeHybopsis amblops(Rafinesque)1820Bigeye Chub

Hybopsis amblops

Unique Characters: Upwardly directed, horizontally elliptical eye. Long snout, overhanging mouth. Barbel usually present. Black stripe along the side and onto the snout. Found in all Tennessee River drainage basins, except for the Little Tennessee and Watauga basins.

Similar Species:

Rosyface Chub Hybopsis rubrifrons. Very similar in appearance to the Bigeye Chub, but in North Carolina it is only found in the Savannah basin.

Hybopsis rubrifrons
Rosyface Chub – Hybopsis rubrifrons