Micropterus salmoides

Micropterus salmoides
Largemouth Bass – Micropterus salmoides
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
CentrarchidaeMicropterus salmoides(Lacep├Ęde)1802Largemouth Bass

Micropterus salmoides

Unique Characters: Very large mouth, upper jaw extends past rear margin of the eye. First and second dorsal fins nearly separate. Tooth patch absent on tongue. Scales absent at the base of the soft dorsal, anal, and caudal fins. 

Similar Species:

Spotted Bass
Micropterus punctulatus

Alabama Bass
Micropterus henshalli

Micropterus punctulatus Spotted Bass 2804
Spotted Bass – Micropterus punctulatus
Photo Credit: NANFA

Micropterus henshalli
Alabama Bass – Micropterus henshalli – Tallapoosa AL Photo Credit: Zach Alley

Spotted Bass Micropterus punctulatus. Scales present at the base of the soft dorsal, anal, and caudal fins. Tooth patch present on tongue. Rows of small black spots on lower sides. Black stripe or series of partly joined blotches on the sides. Dark caudal spot; pigment on caudal peduncle a solid dark line. Usually less than 71 pored lateral line scales. Well-connected spinous and soft portions of the dorsal fin.

Alabama Bass Micropterus henshalli. Rows of black spots on lower sides. Black blotches along the upper back do not reach dorsal fin base. Modally 75 (range 68-84) lateral line scales. Blotches along mid-side do not coalesce into black stripe on caudal peduncle (i.e., pigment on caudal peduncle a series of blotches).