Morone saxatilis

Morone saxatilis
Striped Bass – Morone saxatilis

Morone saxatilis

Unique Characters:  The dorsal fins slightly separate.  Body slender, not arched.  Second anal spine shorter and thinner than the third spine.  Median tooth patches somewhat elongate, clearly divided.  Usually 12 dorsal fin rays.

Similar Species:

White Perch Morone americana.  The two dorsal fins slightly joined by a membrane.  Second anal spine almost as long as, and thicker, than the third spine.  No median tooth patch on tongue.  Stripes on sides, if present, are faint and seldom continuous.

Morone americana
White Perch – Morone americana

White Bass Morone chrysops.  Strongly arched back with 5-9 lateral stripes on the sides, which may be broken.  Median tooth patch oval, slightly divided.  Usually 13 dorsal fin rays.  Hybrid Bass (Morone saxatilis x Morone chrysops).  Back arched similar to White Bass.  Color of dorsum is more greenish than blue.

Morone chrysops
White Bass – Morone chrysops