Mugil cephalus

Mugil cephalus
Striped Mullet – Mugil cephalus

Mugil cephalus

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
MugilidaeMugil cephaalusLinnaeus1758Striped Mullet

Unique Characters: Robust silvery body that is round in cross section. Many stripes on the sides; absent in very young individuals. Well-developed adipose eyelid. Second dorsal fin and anal fin unscaled or weakly scaled.

Mountain Mullet
Dajaus monticola

White Mullet
Mugil curema

Agonostomus monticola
Mountain-Mullet – Dajaus monticola
Mugil curema
White Mullet – Mugil curema

Mountain Mullet Dajaus monticola. Robust and brown-colored body, yellow fins, and dusky blotch at base of the caudal fin. No adipose eyelid.

White Mullet Mugil curema. Not known from fresh water. Lacks stripes and second dorsal fin and anal fin are well scaled.