Miniellus scabriceps

Notropis scabriceps
New River Shiner – Miniellus scabriceps – New
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeMiniellus scabriceps(Cope)1868New River Shiner

Miniellus scabriceps

Unique Characters: Broad snout. Large, upwardly directed eye. Slightly subterminal mouth. Eight anal fin rays. Anterior lateral line scale vertically elongated, height about 2 times the width. Tubercles well developed on snout and lower cheek. Restricted to New basin.

Similar Species:

Mimic Shiner Paranotropis volucellus. Anterior lateral scale height about 3 times the width. Eye usually directed to the side. Neuromasts, tiny pit-like sensory structures, well developed on the head. Tubercles absent or poorly developed.

Notropis volucellus
Mimic Shiner – Paranotropis volucellus