Anguilla rostrata

Anguilla rostrata
American Eel – Anguilla rostrata
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
AnguillidaeAnguilla rostrata(Lesueur)1817American Eel

Anguilla rostrata

Unique Characters: Lower jaw projects beyond upper; well developed fleshy flanges on upper and lower lips. Teeth small, granular, in narrow to broad bands on jaws and vomer. Dorsal fin begins well behind pectoral fin, closer to anus than to pectoral-fin base. Pectoral fin well developed. Small oval scales present, embedded in skin and arranged in a basket-weave pattern.

Similar Species: The combination of the following characters will distinguish Anguilla rostrata from all other species of eels in the area:

Presence of scales and of pectoral fins.
Teeth in upper and lower jaws minute.
Lower jaw protruding beyond upper jaw.
Dorsal fin begins far behind pectoral fins, closer to anus than to pectoral-fin base.