Awaous banana

Awaous banana
River Goby – Awaous banana
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
GobiidaeAwaous banana(Valenciennes)1837River Goby

Awaous banana

Unique Characters: Long, conical snout. Small eyes high on head; thick lips on large mouth. Two dark lines extending from eyes to corner of jaws. Shoulder (under gill cover) with 2–3 distinct fleshy lobes. Pelvic fins completely united to form a round sucking disc. Dorsal fins separated. Body stout. No chevron markings on sides. Upper pectoral-fin rays broadly united. Tongue sometimes slightly indented but not notched.

Awaous banana lobes

Similar Species: None

Reference: Ross, S.W., and F.C. Rohde. 2004. The gobioid fishes of North Carolina (Pisces: Gobioidei). Bulletin of Marine Science 74:287-323.