Bairdiella chrysoura

Bairdiella chrysoura
Silver Perch – Bairdiella chrysoura
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
SciaenidaeBairdiella chrysoura(Lacep├Ęde)1803Silver Perch

Bairdiella chrysoura

Unique Characters: Fins dusky to pale yellow. Preopercle serrate often with few spines at angle. Chin without barbel. Top of head cavernous, but usually not translucent under skin, firm to touch.

Similar Species:

Star Drum Stellifer lanceolatus. Chin without barbel. Preopercle margin serrated with 4-6 distinct spines. Head broad, top cavernous, often translucent under skin, hollow or spongy to touch.

Stellifer lanceolatus
Star Drum – Stellifer lanceolatus