Brotula barbata

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
OphididaeBrotula barbata(Bloch and Schneider)1801Atlantic Bearded Brotula

Family Ophididae — Moderately elongate ophidiiform fishes (size from about 10 to 200 cm). Anterior nostril placed midway between upper lip and posterior nostril. Supramaxilla present. Teeth usually small, densely distributed, and blunt-tipped. Very seldom fewer than 7 long gill rakers on anterior gill arch (except in Ophidiini). Dorsal and anal fins long, joined to caudal fin; dorsal-fin rays normally longer than opposing anal-fin rays; pelvic-fin rays 0-2. Scales present. A well-developed spine on opercle usually present. Anus placed posterior to tip of pectoral fin except in species with prolonged pectoral fins.

Brotula barbata

Unique Characters: Body completely covered with small, imbricate, cycloid scales. Barbels present on snout (6) and chin (6). Branchiostegal rays 8. Median basibranchial tooth patch absent. Developed gill rakers on first arch 4 or fewer. Pelvic fin with 2 rays in each inserted at about level of preopercle, well behind eye.

Similar Species: None.