Dactyloscopus moorei

Speckled Stargazer - Dactyloscopus moorei
Speckled Stargazer – Dactyloscopus moorei
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
DactyloscopidaeDactyloscopus moorei(Fowler)1906Speckled Stargazer

Dactyloscopus moorei

All Sand Stargzers – Eyes on top of head, often protrusible. Mouth moderate to large, oblique to vertical. Upper and/or lower lips with fimbriae. Opercular opening large, gill membrane free from isthmus. Opercles membranous, large, usually overlapping on underside of head, typically fringed above with 2 to 24 fleshy fimbriae. Pelvic fins under throat (insertion anterior to pectoral-fin base), with 1 spine and 3 thickened segmented rays.

Unique Characters: Expanded eyestalk not exceptionally long and slender.

Similar Species: Sand Stargazer Dactyloscopus tridigitatus. Expanded eyestalk long and slender.