Gobiosoma xanthiprora (= Elacatinus xanthiprora)

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
GobiidaeGobiosoma xanthiprora
(= Elacatinus xanthiprora)
(Böhlke and Robins)1968Yellowprow Goby

All Gobiosoma – Pelvic fins completely united to form a round sucking disc. Dorsal fins separated. Body stout. No chevron markings on sides. Upper pectoral-fin rays broadly united. Tongue sometimes slightly indented but not notched. No lobes on shoulder girdle. Lateral scales, if present, usually < 57.

Gobiosoma xanthiprora (= Elacatinus xanthiprora)

Unique Characters: No scales anywhere. No body bars. Yellow stripe from eye to caudal fin (pale in preserved specimens). Yellow rectangle from tip of snout to interorbital.

Similar Species:

Seaboard Goby Gobiosoma ginsburgi

Naked Goby
Gobiosoma bosc

Code Goby
Gobiosoma robustum

Gobiosoma ginsburgi
Seaboard Goby – Gobiosoma ginsburgi
Gobiosoma bosc
Naked Goby – Gobiosoma bosc

Seaboard Goby Gobiosoma ginsburgi. Body without scales, except possibly two small scales at base of caudal fin. Body with six or seven white bars that are wider on lower half of body than on upper half. Lateral line usually with elongate dark spots.

Naked Goby Gobiosoma bosc. No scales anywhere. Body bars present. No yellow stripes on body or head. Dorsal rays 13. Anal rays 12. 9–11 body bars of even widths. No elongate dark spots on lateral line. Posterior tips of pelvic-fin rays not reaching one-half distance to anal fin.

Code Goby Gobiosoma robustum. No scales anywhere. Body bars present. No yellow stripes on body or head. Dorsal rays 12. Anal rays 10. Pale body with narrow, mostly interrupted, almost splotched bars; midlateral series of dashes. Posterior tips of pelvic-fin rays reaching anus.

Reference: Ross, S.W., and F.C. Rohde. 2004. The gobioid fishes of North Carolina (Pisces: Gobioidei). Bulletin of Marine Science 74:287-323.