Kyphosus incisor

Kyphosus incisor
Yellow Chub – Kyphosus incisor
Photo Credit: G.W. Link
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
KyphosidaeKyphosus incisor(Cuvier)1831Yellow Chub

Kyphosus incisor

Unique Characters: Dorsal fin usually with 14 (less frequently with 13 or 15) soft rays. Anal fin with 12 or 13 soft rays. Lower limb of first gill arch with 19-22 gill rakers. Head profile in front of eye typically gently convex.

Similar Species: Bermuda Chub Kyphosus sectatrix. Dorsal fin usually with 12 (rarely 11 or 13) soft rays. Anal fin usually with 11 (rarely with 10 or 12) soft rays. 16-19 (rarely 19) gill rakers in lower lobe of first gill arch. Head profile in front of and above eye typically with a distinct bump.

Kyphosus sectatrix
Bermuda Chub – Kyphosus sectatrix