Kyphosus sectatrix

Kyphosus sectatrix
Bermuda Chub – Kyphosus sectatrix
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
KyphosidaeKyphosus sectatrix(Linnaeus)1758Bermuda Chub

Kyphosus sectatrix

Unique Characters: Dorsal fin usually with 12 (rarely 11 or 13) soft rays. Anal fin usually with 11 (rarely with 10 or 12) soft rays. 16-19 (rarely 19) gill rakers in lower lobe of first gill arch. Head profile in front of and above eye typically with a distinct bump.

Similar Species: Yellow Chub Kyphosus incisor. Dorsal fin usually with 14 (less frequently with 13 or 15) soft rays. Anal fin with 12 or 13 soft rays. Lower limb of first gill arch with 19-22 gill rakers. Head profile in front of eye typically gently convex.

Kyphosus incisor
Yellow Chub – Kyphosus incisor
Photo Credit: G.W. Link