Lutjanus buccanella

Lutjanus buccanella
Blackfin Snapper – Lutjanus buccanella
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LutjanidaeLutjanus buccanella(Cuvier)1828Blackfin Snapper

Note: All Lutjanus — Soft dorsal and anal fins with scales. Dorsal fin with 10 or 12, rarely, 9, 11, or 13 spines, and 11-14, rarely 10 or 15, soft rays. Ectopterygoid teeth absent. Gill rakers, excluding rudiments, 16 or fewer, rarely 17, on lower limb of first gill arch. Caudal fin truncate, or nearly so, to moderately forked, lobes of fin not elongated.

Lutjanus buccanella

Unique Characters: Dorsal fin usually with 10 spines and 14 soft rays, rarely 9 or 11 spines and 13 or 15 soft rays. Dark spot below anterior part of soft dorsal fin present or absent. A large, pronounced black spot at base and in axil of pectoral fin. No dark spot below anterior part of soft dorsal fin. Anal fin rounded. A dark area on scales at base of soft dorsal fin (not always obvious on preserved specimens). Iris of eye golden yellow to orange in life.

Similar Species: None