Lycenchelys verrillii

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
OphichthidaeLycenchelys verrillii(Goode and Bean)1877Wolf Eeelpout

All Zoarcidae, Eelpouts — Small to medium-sized fishes recognized by their shortened, eel-like shape. Nostrils single, tubular. Swimbladder absent.

Lycenchelys verrillii

Unique Characters: Grayish brown above, pale below. 7-10 dark, round patches on sides that are bisected by lateral line. Snout long; mouth large. Upper jaw slightly projects over lower jaw. Pelvic fins very small (Kells and Carpenter 2011).

Similar Species: Atlantic Soft Pout Melanostigma atlanticum. Head and abdomen silvery blue; remainder of body tannish to creamy and translucent. Area around mouth blackish. Snout rounded. Anal fin taller than dorsal fin. Pelvic fins absent. Body soft, scaleless (Kells and Carpenter 2011).