Malacocephalus laevis

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
MacrouridaeMalacocephalus laevis(Lowe)1843Softhead Grenadier

All Malacocephalus — Anus surrounded by a broad margin of naked skin or far removed from anal fin. Branchiostegal rays 7. Teeth in lower jaw enlarged, in 1 row. A large, bean-shaped fossa between bases of pelvic fins. Scale rows present over lower branchiostegal rays.

Malacocephalus laevis

Unique Characters: Pelvic-fin rays 9. Premaxillary teeth in 2 distinct rows. Spinous dorsal-fin ray smooth. No black margins on snout.

Similar Species: Western Softhead Grenadier Malacocephalus occidentalis. Pelvic-fin rays 8. Premaxillary teeth in more than 2 rows. Spinous dorsal-fin ray serrated. Tip and leading edge of snout blackish.