Melanostigma atlanticum

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
OphichthidaeMelanostigma atlanticumKoefoed1952Atlantic Soft Pout

All Zoarcidae, Eelpouts — Small to medium-sized fishes recognized by their shortened, eel-like shape. Nostrils single, tubular. Swimbladder absent.

Melanostigma atlanticum

Unique Characters: Head and abdomen silvery blue; remainder of body tannish to creamy and translucent. Area around mouth blackish. Snout rounded. Anal fin taller than dorsal fin. Pelvic fins absent. Body soft, scaleless (Kells and Carpenter 2011).

Similar Species: Wolf Eelpout Lycenchelys verrillii. Grayish brown above, pale below. 7-10 dark, round patches on sides that are bisected by lateral line. Snout long; mouth large. Upper jaw slightly projects over lower jaw. Pelvic fins very small (Kells and Carpenter 2011).