Merluccius bilinearis

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
MerluccidaeMerluccius bilinearis(Mitchill)1814Silver Hake

Family Merluccidae — Medium-sized with elongated body, rounded anteriorly, becoming laterally compressed posteriorly. Head somewhat flattened on top, its length 3.5-4.5 times into total length. A low, v-shaped ridge on top of head. Mouth large, terminal, jaws almost half length of head, lower jaw slightly protruding. Jaw teeth well developed, pointed, in 2 irregular series; teeth on vomer, none on palatines. Two dorsal fins, the first short-based and triangular, the second long-based and notched near midlength; anal fin similar in length and shape to second dorsal fin; caudal fin well developed, weakly forked; pectoral fin extends to over anus, upper edge of base at midbody depth; pelvic fin with 7 soft rays, its origin anterior to pectoral-fin base.

Merluccius bilinearis

Unique Characters: Total number of gill rakers on first arch more than 16-20. Second dorsal fin with 37-42 soft rays.

Similar Species: Offshore Hake Merluccius albidus. Total number of gill rakers on first arch fewer than 13. Second dorsal fin with 35-39 soft rays.