Micropogonias undulatus

Micropogonias undulatus
Atlantic Croaker – Micropogonias undulatus
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
SciaenidaeMicropogonias undulatus(Linnaeus)1766Atlantic Croaker

Micropogonias undulatus

Unique Characters: Side with series of small spots forming oblique wavy lines along transverse scale rows or scattered on back in reticulate pattern. Dorsal fins with dusky spots along the base. Dark blotch at pectoral fin base. Chin with 8 pores and 3 to 4 pairs of small barbels along inner edges of lower jaw; snout with 10 to 12 pores (5 to 7 rostral and 5 marginal). Young have elongated caudal fin.

Similar Species:

Spot Leiostomus xanthurus. Chin without barbel. Mouth small, inferior, snout projecting in front of upper jaw. Body short and deep, dorsal profile strongly elevated or arched on nape; body depth less than 3.5 times in standard length. Body silvery with narrow oblique stripes along transverse scale rows, a dark black spot behind upper end of gill slit.

Leiostomus xanthurus
Spot – Leiostomus xanthurus