Myrichthys ocellatus

Myrichthys ocellatus
Goldspotted Eel – Myrichthys ocellatus
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
OphichthidaeMyrichthys ocellatus(Lesueur)1825Goldspotted Eel

All Myrichthys — Tail tip a hard or fleshy finless point. Dorsal fin origin on head. Pectoral fins present; pectoral fins broad-based. Gill openings unconstructed, inferior or lateral. Spotted species. Teeth molariform or granular.

Myrichthys ocellatus

Unique Characters: Body coloration with diffuse dark spots with bright centers (gold in life) on a pale background.

Similar Species: Sharptail Eel Myrichthys breviceps. Body coloration with round pale spots on dark background of brown or green.

Myrichthys breviceps
Sharptail Eel – Myrichthys breviceps