Opsanus tau

Opsanus tau
Oyster Toadfish – Opsanus tau
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
BatrachoididaeOpsanus tau(Linnaeus)1766Oyster Toadfish

Opsanus tau

Unique Characters: Dorsal-fin spines 3; 1 subopercular spine present. Body scaleless. Axillary pore behind pectoral fins present. Canine-like teeth and photophores absent.

Note: An undescribed species of Opsanus may also be present in North Carolina waters.

Similar Species: Atlantic Midshipman Porichthys plectrodon. Dorsal-fin spines 2; subopercular spines absent. Body scaleless. No axillary pore behind pectoral fins. Canine-like teeth and photophores present.

Porichthys plectrodon
Atlantic Midshipman – Porichthys plectrodon