Paralepis elongata

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
ParalepididaeParalepis elongata(Brauer)1906(No Common Name) Barracudina

Family Paralepididae — Small to medium-sized (6 to 56 cm), very elongate and slender aulopiform fishes; cross-section of body oval or compressed. Eye medium to large, nontubular, located on side of head. Snout very long and pointed with terminal mouth, but lower jaw projects as fleshy process; mouth extends to front of eye or under middle of eye. Teeth small; alternately fixed and depressible fang-like teeth on lower jaw and roof of mouth. Single small supramaxilla on dorsal edge of maxilla. Gill rakers reduced to small multiple spines set on bony plates.

Paralepis elongata

Unique Characters:

Similar Species: None.