Parasudis truculenta

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
ChlorophthalmidaeParasudis truculenta(Goode & Bean)1896Longnose Greeneye

Family Chlorophthalmidae — Large eye with teardrop-shaped pupil and distinctive lensless space anteriorly. Snout is moderately long, somewhat depressed. Maxilla is slightly expanded posteriorly, possessing a single supramaxilla, and extendsto just behind front of eye. Dorsal fin insertion on anterior third of body. Adipose fin located over middle of anal fin. Anus located closer to pelvic fins than to anal fin.

Parasudis truculenta

Unique Characters: Body uniformly yellow tan; dorsal fin with blackish tip. Large green eye. Snout very long. Eye diameter greater than 1.25 in snout. Anus well behind base of inner pelvic-fin rays, separated by 8-10 scales. Vomer with several large fang-like teeth.

Similar Species: Shortnose Greeneye Chlorophthalmus agassizi. Body with many dark brown blotches and saddles. Large green eye. Mouth large and superior. Eye diameter less than 1.25 in snout. Anus close to base of inner pelvic-fin rays, separated by 2 or 3 scales. Vomerine teeth all small.

Chlorophthalmus agassizi
Shortnose Greeneye – Chlorophthalmus agassizi