Polymixia nobilis

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
PolymixiidaePolymixia nobilisLowe1838Stout Beardfish

All Polymixia — Snout rounded and prominent. Mouth extending to posterior margin of eye; 2 supramaxillae. Teeth villiform, in bands on jaws, vomer, palatines, ectopterygoids, and endopterygoids (roof of the mouth). Pair of long chin barbels originating from hyoid, behind symphysis of lower jaw. Seven branchiostegal rays, first 3 minuscule, supporting the hyoid barbel, only last 4 externally visible.

Polymixia nobilis

Unique Characters: Dorsal-fin soft rays 34-38. Total number of gill rakers on first arch 10-13.

Similar Species: Beardfish Polymixia lowei. Dorsal-fin soft rays 26-32. Total number of gill rakers on first arch 14-22.

Polymixia lowei
Beardfish – Polymixia lowei – Photo Credit: G.H. Burgess