Zenopsis conchifera

Zenopsis conchifera
Buckler Dory – Zenopsis conchifera
Photo Credit: G.W. Link
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
ZeidaeZenopsis conchifera(Lowe)1850Buckler Dory

Zenopsis conchifera

Unique Characters: Pelvic fins with 1 slender spine and 5 soft rays. Thoracic region narrow; 7 large, bony bucklers along base of dorsal fin and 5 or 6 along base of anal fin. Dorsal fin with 9 or 10 long, flexible spines, the third or fourth spines longer than head.

Similar Species: Red Dory Cyttopsis rosea. Pelvic fins with 9 or 10 soft rays and no spine. Thoracic region broad and flattened; no bony bucklers along bases of dorsal and anal fins. Dorsal-fin with 7 or 8 stiff spines, shorter than head length.

Red Dory - Cyttopsis rosea
Red Dory – Cyttopsis rosea