Zu cristatus

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
TrachipteridaeZu cristatus(Bonelli)1819Scalloped Ribbonfish

Family Trachipteridae — Large-sized lampridiform fishes (to 2 m); body elongate, ribbon-like, compressed. In most species, body depth gradually decreasing from head to caudal peduncle. Anterior dorsal-fin elements consisting of 4 to 8 elongate, flexible spines that insert above eye. Pelvic fins with 5 to 7 soft rays; often elongate in juveniles; sometimes lost at metamorphosis. Skin usually covered with bony, raised, bump-like tubercles. Scales absent, except for lateral-line scales that are tubular and bear sharp spines.

Zu cristatus

Unique Characters: Caudal fin with 2 lobes, the upper lobe sharply upturned. Ventral edge of tail bears long spiny plates or bony tubercles. Dorsal fin usually with more than 124 elements.

Similar Species: Polka-dot Ribbonfish Desmodema polystictum. Caudal fin without 2 lobes and not sharply upturned;. No long spines or bony tubercles along ventral edge of tail. Dorsal fin with 120 to 124 elements.