Polydactylus virginicus

FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
PolynemidaePolydactylus virginicus(Linnaeus)1758Barbu

Family Polynemidae — Eye covered by adipose, eye diameter greater than snout length. Conical snout protruding anteriorly past mouth. Mouth large, subterminal, extending posteriorly past eye. Upper lip thin; lower lip moderate. Supramaxillae absent; maxilla posteriorly broadened to varying degrees. Two widely separated dorsal fins. 7-9 separate pectoral filaments below 14-16 normal pectoral-fin rays, extending to 3/4 of pelvic fin or past origin of anal fin. Body, most of head, and much of fins covered with finely ctenoid scales. Lateral line continuous, extending to the caudal-fin margin and typically bifurcates on caudal fin.

Polydactylus virginicus

Unique Characters: Pectoral filaments 7 (rarely 8). Gill rakers 22-30.

Similar Species: Atlantic Threadfin Polydactylus octonemus. Pectoral filaments 8 (rarely 9). Gill rakers 34-38.