Micropterus sp. “Bartram’s” Bass

Bartram's Bass
Bartram’s Bass – Micropterus sp.
Photo Credit: Luke Etchison
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
CentrarchidaeMicropterus sp. “Bartram’s” Bass“Bartram’s” Bass

Micropterus sp. “Bartram’s” Bass

Unique Characters: Caudal fin lacks notable spotting and has a narrow pale lower margin; the second dorsal, caudal, and anal fins usually have some orange to yellow coloration on their outer portions. Restricted to the Savannah basin with an introduced population in the Green River in Polk County, Broad basin. Sympatric with Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass.

Similar Species:

Largemouth Bass
Micropterus salmoides

Smallmouth Bass
Micropterus dolomieu

Micropterus salmoides
Largemouth Bass – Micropterus salmoides
Micropterus dolomieu
Smallmouth Bass – Micropterus dolomieu

Largemouth Bass Micropterus salmoides. Very large mouth, upper jaw extends past rear margin of the eye. First and second dorsal fins nearly separate. Tooth patch absent on tongue. Scales absent at the base of the soft dorsal, anal, and caudal fins.

Smallmouth Bass Micropterus dolomieu. Sides with dark brown to bronze specks, which often coalesce to form bars. No rows of dark spots on lower sides. No dark horizontal strip along the side.