Hudsonius altipinnis

Notropis altipinnis
Highfin Shiner – Hudsonius altipinnis
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeHudsonius altipinnis(Cope)1870Highfin Shiner

Hudsonius altipinnis

Unique Characters: Boldly outlined scales on strongly arched back and a light, often orangish stripe above a diffuse black lateral stripe that extends slightly into the caudal fin. The black lateral stripe does not extend below the lateral line. Light zone above lateral stripe: usually continuous to head. Little to no pigment along anal fin base. Snout almost white, may have some flecks of pigment.

Similar Species:

Dusky Shiner Pteronotropis cummingsae. Scales on back barely outlined. Strong black lateral stripe extends below lateral line and extends into the caudal fin. Light zone above lateral stripe: usually slightly obscured anteriorly behind head by dark pigment edging of scales. Black pigment usually present along anal fin base.

Notropis cummingsae
Dusky Shiner – Pteronotropis cummingsae