Pteronotropis cummingsae

Notropis cummingsae
Dusky shiner – Pteronotropis cummingsae
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaePteronotropis cummingsae(Myers)1925Dusky Shiner

Pteronotropis cummingsae

Unique Characters: Broad black lateral stripe that extends down to below the lateral line and ends in a streak in the caudal fin. Usually 10-12 anal fin rays. Light zone above lateral stripe: usually slightly obscured anteriorly behind head by dark pigment edging of scales. Black pigment usually present along anal fin base. Snout with much pigment from medium pigment to heavily pigmented, almost black.

Dusky Shiner - Chin
Dusky Shiner – Chin

Similar Species:

Highfin Shiner
Hudsonius altipinnis

Ironcolor Shiner
Alburnops chalybaeus

Notropis altipinnis
Highfin Shiner – Hudsonius altipinnis
Notropis chalybaeus
Ironcolor Shiner – Alburnops chalybaeus

Highfin Shiner Hudsonius altipinnis. Boldly outlined scales on strongly arched back and a light, often orangish stripe above a diffuse black lateral stripe that extends slightly into the caudal fin. The black lateral stripe does not extend below the lateral line. Light zone above lateral stripe: usually continuous to head. Little to no pigment along anal fin base.

Ironcolor Shiner Alburnops chalybaeus. Well-defined black lateral stripe from spot on caudal fin base to around the snout covering both lips and chin. Stripe does not extend into caudal fin. Black pigment on roof of mouth. Usually 8 anal fin rays.