Alburnops chalybaeus

Notropis chalybaeus
Ironcolor Shiner – Alburnops chalybaeus
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeAlburnops chalybaeus(Cope)1867Ironcolor Shiner

Alburnops chalybaeus

Unique Characters: Well-defined black lateral stripe from spot on caudal fin base to around the snout covering both lips and chin. Stripe does not extend into caudal fin. Black roof on mouth. Usually 8 anal fin rays. Large eye. Restricted to the Coastal Plain.

Ironcolor Shiner - Chin
Ironcolor Shiner – Chin

Similar Species:

Dusky Shiner Pteronotropis cummingsae. No black pigment on chin or roof of mouth. Black lateral stripe extends into caudal fin. Usually 10-12 anal fin rays.

Notropis cummingsae
Dusky Shiner – Pteronotropis cummingsae
Dusky Shiner - Chin
Dusky Shiner – Chin