Paranotropis leuciodus

Notropis leuciodus
Tennessee Shiner – Paranotropis leuciodus – Little Tennessee
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeParanotropis leuciodus(Cope)1868Tennessee Shiner

Paranotropis leuciodus

Unique Characters: Lateral line outlined with small dark dashes (stitching). Distinct black rectangle at base of caudal fin. Dark blotch at posterior base of dorsal fin. Dark wavy stripes on back and upper sides meet those on the other side on caudal peduncle. Usually 8-9 anal fin rays. Scales below the lateral line are not darkly outlined. Pigmentation below lateral line on anterior half of body: almost always immaculate, sometimes with scattered slight pigmentation; larger individuals with pigment below lateral line while white are above lateral line less distinct. Breeding male is red.

Similar Species:

Saffron Shiner
Hydrophlox rubricroceus

Telescope Shiner
Notropis telescopus

Notropis rubricroceus
Saffron Shiner – Hydrophlox rubricroceus
Notropis telescopus
Telescope Shiner – Notropis telescopus

Saffron Shiner Hydrophlox rubricroceus. Lacks dashes (stitching) along the lateral line. Has darkly outlined scales below the lateral line. Lacks rectangular caudal spot.

Telescope Shiner Notropis telescopus. Predorsal scales large. Lacks rectangular caudal spot. Usually 10-12 anal fin rays. Larger eye and deeper body. Middorsal streak continuous under dorsal fin. No red in breeding male.