Notropis telescopus

Notropis telescopus
Telescope Shiner – Notropis telescopus – Nolichucky
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeNotropis telescopus(Cope)1868Telescope Shiner

Notropis telescopus

Unique Characters: Dark wavy stripes along back and upper side that meet those of other side on caudal peduncle. Large eye, longer than moderately pointed snout. Predorsal scales large. Dashes along lateral line. Usually 10-12 anal fin rays. Black stripe along the side often expanded into caudal spot. Lips with darker outer line. Two dark lines on head between eyes. Middorsal streak continuous under dorsal fin.

Similar Species:

Tennessee Shiner Paranotropis leuciodus. Smaller eye. Distinct black rectangle at base of caudal fin. Breeding males with red pigment. Usually 8-9 anal fin rays. Middorsal streak is interrupted at anterior and posterior base of dorsal fin, leaving an isolated dark mark under middle of dorsal fin.

Notropis leuciodus
Tennessee Shiner – Paranotropis leuciodus