Hydrophlox lutipinnis

Notropis lutipinnis
Yellowfin Shiner – Hydrophlox lutipinnis
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeHydrophlox lutipinnis(Jordan and Brayton)1878Yellowfin Shiner

Hydrophlox lutipinnis

Unique Characters: In North Carolina the Yellowfin Shiner occurs only in the Savannah and Little Tennessee (introduced) basins where the Greenhead Shiner and “Piedmont” Shiner are absent. Breeding male usually has yellow to red fins. Scales below lateral line weakly outlined. Faint humeral bar. Lateral stripe extends onto the head. Lateral stripe dark anteriorly, passes uninterrupted from caudal fin onto opercle. Lower margin of lateral stripe on the same level on opercle as on cheek.

Similar Species:

Saffron Shiner
Hydrophlox rubricroceus

“Piedmont” Shiner
Hydrophlox sp. “Piedmont” Shiner

Notropis rubricroceus
Saffron Shiner – Hydrophlox rubricroceus
Notropis sp. cf. chlorocephalus
“Piedmont” Shiner – Hydrophlox sp. “Piedmont” Shiner

Saffron Shiner Hydrophlox rubricroceus. Scales below the lateral line darkly outlined. Dark humeral bar. Lateral stripe does not extend onto head.

“Piedmont” Shiner Hydrophlox sp. “Piedmont” Shiner. Restricted to the Broad basin.