Hydrophlox sp. Piedmont Shiner

Notropis sp. cf. chlorocephalus
‘Piedmont Shiner’ – Hydrophlox sp. “Piedmont” Shiner
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeHydrophlox sp. “Piedmont” Shiner

Hydrophlox sp. “Piedmont” Shiner

Unique Characters: Lateral stripe dark anteriorly, passes uninterrupted from caudal fin onto opercle. Breeding male has yellow to yellow+white pelvic fins. Restricted to the Broad basin.

Similar Species:

Greenhead Shiner
Hydrophlox chlorocephalus

Redlip Shiner
Hydrophlox chiliticus

Notropis chlorocephalus
Greenhead Shiner – Hydrophlox chlorocephalus – Catawba
Notropis chiliticus
Redlip Shiner – Hydrophlox chiliticus

Greenhead Shiner Hydrophlox chlorocephalus. Breeding males with white fins. Restricted to the Catawba basin.

Redlip Shiner Hydrophlox chiliticus. Bright red lips. Scattered black blotches on sides. Darkly outlined scales absent below the lateral line. Small, pale spot at the beginning and end of the dorsal fin base. Melanophores extending more than one-quarter of the height of the dorsal fin. Dark humeral bar behind head.