Hydrophlox chlorocephalus

Notropis chlorocephalus
Greenhead Shiner – Hydrophlox chlorocephalus – Catawba
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeHydrophlox chlorocephalus(Cope)1870Greenhead Shiner

Hydrophlox chlorocephalus

Unique Characters: Breeding male is red with bright white fins. Snout shorter than the eye. Lower margin of lateral stripe diffuse over anal fin. Restricted to the Catawba basin. Lateral stripe dark anteriorly, passes uninterrupted from caudal fin onto opercle.

Similar Species:

Yellowfin Shiner
Hydrophlox lutipinnis

Hydrophlox sp.
“Piedmont” Shiner”

Redlip Shiner
Hydrophlox chiliticus

Notropis lutipinnis
Yellowfin Shiner –
Hydrophlox lutipinnis
Notropis sp. cf. chlorocephalus
“Piedmont Shiner” –
Hydrophlox sp. “Piedmont” Shiner
Notropis chiliticus
Redlip Shiner – Hydrophlox chiliticus

Yellowfin Shiner Hydrophlox lutipinnis. In North Carolina Yellowfin Shiner only occurs in the Savannah and Little Tennessee basins where the Greenhead Shiner is absent. Breeding male usually has yellow to red fins.

Hydrophlox sp. “Piedmont Shiner”. Restricted to the Broad basin.

Redlip Shiner Hydrophlox chiliticus. Has red lips and black blotches on the sides.