Notropis micropteryx

Notropis micropteryx
Highland Shiner – Notropis micropteryx – Nolichucky
FamilyScientific NameAuthorYearCommon Name
LeuciscidaeNotropis micropteryx(Cope)1868Highland Shiner

Notropis micropteryx

Unique Characters: Sharply pointed snout. Dorsal fin origin well behind pelvic origin. Breeding male has a red head and diffuse red-orange color on lower side, jaws and fin bases. No black crescents between nostrils. Faint middorsal line. Dorsal fin origin 2.5-4.0 scales behind pelvic fin origin. Restricted to Tennessee River drainage basins, not yet found in the Watauga basin.

Similar Species:

Silver Shiner
Notropis photogenis

“Kanawha” Rosyface Shiner
Notropis sp.

Notropis photogenis
Silver Shiner – Notropis photogenis – Pigeon
Notropis sp Kanawha Rosyface Shiner
Kanawha Rosyface Shiner – Notropis sp. -New

Silver Shiner Notropis photogenis. Black crescents between nostrils. Distinct, dark middorsal line. No red coloration. Dorsal fin origin 1.5-2.5 scales behind pelvic fin origin.

“Kanawha” Rosyface Shiner Notropis sp. Morphologically similar, but genetically different. Restricted to the New basin.