Campostoma anomalum Video

Campostoma anomalum
Central Stoneroller – Campostoma anomalum

I’ve collected tons of video over the years, mostly from GoPros and cellphones. In an attempt to both share some of these videos, and to free up tons of storage space, I have begun to upload them here and on YouTube. These videos will hopefully start to play a role in our collection blogs, and this post is a test to that end. It was shot in the frigid waters of Andrew’s, NC in June of 2018 on our last day of the NANFA convention that was held in Young Harris, GA. I set up and left the camera to film a spawning aggregation of Central Stonerollers, Campostoma anomalum, and they didn’t disappoint!

2 thoughts on “Campostoma anomalum Video”

  1. Your work to photograph all these beautiful fishes is outstanding and a marvelous labor of love, as you said.
    People almost never get to see all these wonderful creatures! Even when they live in their yards.

    I am a retired ecologist living up in the Laurel River watershed in Madison County. I am part of a new effort to save a school property (with 1/2 mile of outstanding creek frontage, literally ORW, rated “Excellent”) and turn it into community center (Laurel Community Center Organization). I am volunteering and interested in getting some nice permanent display photos of the approximately 21 species of fish found in the nearby creek, darters, shiners, hogsuckers, stonerollers etc. to put up in the community center.

    We are celebrating Earth Day with a CreekFest on April 25 2020, with benthic macroinvertebrate demos, fishing forum and celebration of getting rid of an old polluting package sewage treatment plant..

    How much do you charge for photo prints, IF you make them available, or is there some other way I could print some up? This is a non-profit organization. People love the creeks and fishing up here. Let me know if you ever want to do collecting or photography around here. I would be happy to help you out, I even have a nice place you can stay for free, right on the creek. Thanks, Mary Kelly [Removed Phone just in case! :)]

    • Hi Mary,
      Thank you for your kind words! I will be in touch via email tomorrow, I’m sure we can help out, and look forward to talking with you.


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