Biologists Continue Sicklefin Redhorse Recovery Effort in the Little Tennessee River Watershed

A Candidate Conservation Agreement (CCA) was finalized in 2015 for the undescribed Sicklefin Redhorse, Moxostoma sp., and was signed by primary partners: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NWRC), Duke Energy, Tennessee Valley Authority, Eastern Band Cherokee Indians, and Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The CCA is a formal agreement … Read more

Sargassum Community

This article was written in June 2015, and published in July 2015.   Today I wanted to share a collecting trip of a different sort: sargassum sampling.     Sargassum is a genus of brown algae, most widely recognized for its holopelagic (always free-floating) forms, S. natans and S. fluitans. These algae form large mats in offshore … Read more

Trip Report – Morehead City, NC

On Thursday, October 16th, I drove by the Morehead City visitors center looking for a sergeant major (Abudefduf saxatilis) that frequents the floating docks. Although I failed to find that damsel, I did notice a number of gobies swimming around in a storm water retention pond in the parking lot. This struck me as odd, being … Read more

Trip Report – Cove City, NC

On Tuesday, October 7th, we drove to Cove City, NC in search of ironcolor (Notropis chalybaeus) and dusky (Notropis cummingsae) shiners. A coworker had pointed out a few creeks in the area to us that looked suitable for collecting, and after some research, and an hour and a half drive, we were pleasantly surprised. The … Read more

Trip Report – Raleigh, NC

On the 16th of July, we decided to sample a few nearby creeks for green sunfish, Lepomis cyanellus, to add to our collection of North Carolina fishes. Although a common fish, it is one that we have yet to photograph to our liking. There were a few waterbodies where we have landed green sunfish previously, and we decided … Read more

Trip Report – Cary, NC

  On the 25th of June, Jessie and I happened to both be in Cary, and used the opportunity to go collect and photograph. After consulting Google Maps , we decided to try out Swift Creek, just downstream from the Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve. Our thinking was that the unfished habitat in the preserve might mean … Read more