NANFA Convention 2020

North American Native Fishes Association

North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA) annual convention is being held this March in Columbia, South Carolina. Being so close to our backyard, there will be many chances to see some NC species mixed in!

Elassoma zonatum
Banded Pygmy Sunfish – Elassoma zonatum

I was asked to create a quick advertisement for the convention (see above) to be published in Amazonas Magazine later this month, and that is what inspired me to write this quick post.

If you have never been to a NANFA convention, I assure you, it is worth the drive. Not only will you get to meet some of the people you see post cool fishes all over Facebook and Instagram, but you will also get to catch some of those awesome fish. I’ve written a few blog posts about various conventions, and the fish I’ve collected, in the past but for some reason I never published them. I will do my best to get those out this week.

Lastly, if you have ever wondered how we take our photographs, we will be giving a demonstration, along with Zach Alley, and discussing everything from phototanks to post processing. We hope to see you guys there!

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