North Carolina’s New River Basin Fish Fauna – A Foster Basin for Wanted and Unwanted Nonindigenous Species?

By the Team The New River basin, in the extreme northwest corner of North Carolina, is one of the smallest river basins in the state with a drainage area of 754 mi2 (Figure 1). This basin borders Virginia and Tennessee and the Yadkin, Catawba, and Watauga basins in the state and tributaries of the … Read more

North Carolina’s Imperiled Fish Fauna – A Photographic Essay

This is the first, hopefully, in a series of blogs on North Carolina’s imperiled freshwater fish fauna. There are 258 described and undescribed species of freshwater fishes in North Carolina (Tracy et al. 2020). Unfortunately, 31% (79 species) of the 258 species are Federally or State listed as either Endangered, Threatened, Special Concern, or Significantly … Read more