Sunfishes (Family Centrarchidae) Diversity in North Carolina

By the Team There are 23 species of sunfishes in North Carolina (Table 1), including one undescribed species, “Bartram’s” Bass and one species, Redeye Bass, found in only the Hiwassee River basin (Tracy et al. 2020). You might have heard people calling them Stumpknocker, Bream, Goggleye, Robin, Perch, Shellcracker, Bronzeback, Kentucky Bass, Welshman, Tinmouth, … Read more

Freshwater Catfish (Family Ictaluridae) Diversity in North Carolina

By the Team There are 18 species of catfishes in North Carolina including 3 undescribed species (Table 1) (Tracy et al. 2020). You might have heard people calling them Bullheads, Mud Cats, Butter Balls, Blue Channel Cats, Madtoms, Squealers, or many more colorful colloquial names. But each species has its own scientific (Latin) name, … Read more

Identifying Suckers May Not Be as Hard as You Might Think

By the Team The correct identification of suckers (Family Catostomidae) may be intimidating to those students or citizens just beginning to study our extremely diverse and colorful freshwater fish fauna. With some practice and with a keen eye to details, one can master this skill, although it might take a while and require handling … Read more

Mystery of the Longear Sunfish’s Occurrence in North Carolina Solved

Longear Sunfish Lepomis megalotis was first reported from North Carolina by Edward Drinker Cope in 1870, but its whereabouts in the state had been a mystery for almost 150 years. Published literature perpetuated the occurrence of Longear Sunfish and eventually in 1986, its extirpation. Vouchered specimens from Cope’s 1869 survey and 1870 publication are not … Read more

Thanksgiving trip to SC

On Friday, November 25th, Fritz and I met up with Tim to explore the Lynches River and surrounding waterbodies in South Carolina. We had a few sites in mind that Fritz’s had visited in the 80’s, and came up with an itinerary. Being Thanksgiving weekend, we all came from different parts of the state, and … Read more

Bluefin Tuna Sampling

  Work has kept us pretty busy lately, so in the spirit of adding new content as often as possible, I wanted to share some pictures from a few years ago. The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus thynnus is an incredibly large, fast growing, and pelagic fish native to just about the entire Atlantic basin. Our job was … Read more

New Photography Methods

Lately we have been playing around with shooting fish on white backgrounds. The gist of the process is to use two strobes behind a phototank and pointing at a white wall, then a third strobe to illuminate the fish. You want to overexpose the wall to create the white background. The process is a bit … Read more

    In the last few months, Ryan Crutchfield over at, has been working to create an API in order for us to display his wonderful range maps on ncfishes. Because this coincided with a database rewrite, we have been slow to implement it, but I wanted to share a sneak peek of what … Read more

2015 Year in Review

As no doubt you have noticed, we may have slacked off a bit on reporting our trips this year. Rest assured that we made many trips, and photographed many new species, however the work of documenting our progress fell to the wayside. Since I have been asked about this, I decided to do a quick … Read more