Amberjack Identification

Introduction Today I wanted to touch on amberjack identification, specifically, how to properly ID them. Amberjack identification is not the easiest task in the fish world, but with a little practice you shouldn’t have any problems. This is a question we see on a regular basis, and one even experienced captains get wrong repeatedly. I … Read more Amberjack Identification

Blue Marlin Sampling

Ever wonder what becomes of a blue marlin after all of the photographs, interviews, and fanfare of a fishing tournament? How exactly do you dispose of a 900 pound fish? In order to answer that, I took a camera along to document the process! After all the crowds disperse, the fish is loaded onto a … Read more Blue Marlin Sampling

Parasitic Isopod

I was lucky enough to catch a ride on a commercial gill net boat recently, and while the fishermen were targeting spot (Leiostomus xanthurus), I was hoping to add some species and photographs to our collection. The trip was your typical Core Sound gill net trip, with a few hundred pounds of spot, butterfish (Peprilus … Read more Parasitic Isopod